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Mikasa Ackerman ero cosplay Maria Fernanda

Mikasa Ackerman 
Únete: Universo Anime

Mikasa Ackermann is Eren's adopted daughter and Armin's best friend. She possesses excellent physical abilities. Her own parents were killed by prisoners of war, and she was rescued by Eren and began living with her parents, Grisha and Carla, until the fall of the Wall of Maria. Initially, Mikasa wanted to live peacefully with Eren, but she followed Eren to the 104th Military Academy and became the best in her class. Later, she joined the Intelligence Department to escort Eren.

Mikasa is a rather tall, slender and strong girl, and her black hair, which was originally long enough to hang slightly above her shoulders, was shortened to make it easier for UPM to handle. Mikasa is Asian, with rather pale skin and gray eyes. Mikasa's body is slender though muscular. She also has a small scar under her right eye, which she got when Eren unknowingly tried to kill her in titanium form during the Battle of Tolsto.

Mikasa wears an intelligence officer's uniform with a white shirt. Depending on the mission, she may also wear a green cape with the Intelligence Service insignia. Mikasa's clothing trademark is a dark brown scarf (red in the anime) given to her by Eren, who rescued her from captivity. Therefore, the scarf is very important to her and she always wears it.

Time passed and in 854, Mikasa appeared with disheveled hair, still long at the front but short at the back of her head. She also wore a new intelligence uniform that could accommodate a Thunder Lance and two gas canisters. She also added a breastplate, tall black boots, straps, and a chest clip to hold the second pressurized gas canister.

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