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 The twins are the antagonist characters. Robotic ballerinas, whose models are created from a unique alloy, as well as the brain of Catherine Nechaeva. They are called Left and Right (see section Interesting facts).

Personal assistants and part-time bodyguards of Comrade Sechenov. Their exoskeletons are based on the theatrical ballerina robots from the Maya Plisetskaya Theater and are equipped with the latest technology. They are capable of protracted combat and ready to carry out any order. The elegance, agility and speed of these unique and fascinating mechanisms leave no doubt: the head of Enterprise 3826 is reliably protected!

The twins were inspired by images of Russian ballerinas and figure skaters. Their style is a cross between Russian rhythmic gymnastics and BDSM themes.

They are distinguished by their extravagant design: they have slender bodies with prominent forms of buttocks and breasts. Their heads are adorned with "hairstyles" made in the form of a stacked braid, also reminiscent of a classic patterned loaf. The Right wears a cropped gold cardigan, while the Left has no trappings of clothing. Each has a red star-shaped compartment on her forehead, from which they can let out a golden horn consisting of three iron wires tapering toward the ends. They also wear leotards with a closed slit in the middle; this slit is also present in their bodies, allowing the opening of the polymer cavity in the abdomen.

The metal of which the Twins are made is probably an alloy of polymer, iron, and gold. Their individual body parts, such as the belly, are softer than the rest. Inside the belly is stored an alpha connector, which is the key to the Jell-O Man's polymer containers. The twins' shoes have an intricate design that allows them to transform pointe shoes into high-heeled shoes. This concept is implemented in the game, but is shown in the official artbook in a different way, where the transformation shows the toes.

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