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The best erotic and hot cyber battle game on Android - Hot Cyber Babes

Challenge a world full of sexy girls as the strongest warlord in one of the hottest and most erotic cyber battles. As the head of a city state, you have been attacked and your city has been destroyed by highly intelligent robots known as "gaia". Your mission in life is to achieve peace, but you must find a way to eliminate all evil forces, save all lives, and expand your territory. This is a very sexy battle, where you can appoint seductive ladies to lead your army and use them to satisfy your every desire.

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Game review Hot Cyber Babes

Do you love playing fighting games? Then get ready for one of the fiercest and hottest battles in cyberspace with Hot Cyber Babes. Challenge a world full of sexy women and become the most powerful warlord ever.


Leading a human city-state, you have been attacked by a highly intelligent robot called Gaia, and your city has been destroyed. Peace is your credo in life, so you must decide how you will fight these giant robots. However, you die on your way to Gaia in a fighter jet.

Thinking you are dead, you wake up surrounded by beautiful women. Your body has been reassembled piece by piece and you have managed to come back to life. The city has been destroyed although the demon race managed to fight back. After all that has happened, you need to rebuild the city as quickly as possible and save everyone who is still alive. For extra help, you need to gather heroes who will fight alongside you and make love to you.

Difficulty and duration

To rebuild the city faster, you need to upgrade your units and institutions. Recruit more heroes and level up your warriors to quickly increase your combat efficiency. Increase the proximity of the heroes to increase the number of troops and soldiers, and to build the strength of your army quickly. When the battle starts, the troops will come out in order from top to bottom to fight the enemy. The defending troops will fight the attacking troops in the corresponding order. Alliance reinforcements will be the first to fight the enemy. Some magic tools will also be available to speed up construction.

Gameplay and challenges

You have to rebuild the city and save all the survivors. You will have a game plan to follow. You will have chapter objectives, missions, and daily tasks to complete to strengthen the city and earn rewards. You can also collect trees and debris from the battlefield to get more steel and fuel needed to rebuild the city. You must train your troops in time, so that they become heroes and easily destroy the evil forces left in the city. Use your reserve army wisely. By using Reserves, you can quickly build up your army and advance to the battlefield. To increase your hero's base stats, increase your familiarity by giving gifts, exploring areas, defeating PvE, and killing wandering robots. Collect skins to increase your hero's military value, and upgrade your hero to add more attack types.


Girls are sexually attractive. Their revealing outfits and smooth actions are sure to entice players. You will get sexual satisfaction by looking and watching them. The hentai scenes are very detailed, especially at the time of sex. You can watch unlocked videos by earning the required number of stars for each girl's beautiful memories.

Music and sound

The background music and sound effects fit this game perfectly. The ladies speak in Japanese, which gives the game an anime feel. They also speak sexily, making you feel horny during the game. You will be turned on by the girls talking and moaning during the hentai scenes, not to mention the sound effects, such as the sound of water splashing, which add to the sexiness of the game.

Graphics and animation

This 2D and 3D game is presented in excellent visual quality and animation. You will be turned on by the girls' attractiveness and realistic scenes, which will definitely make you want to play again and again. This game stands out with its fantastic cartoon style. It draws the eye with very precise contours and curves of the naked body. The animated scenes are also very good. The effects during combat are exquisite.


Hot Cyber Babes is a survival strategy game that will test your strategy skills as well as your sex drive levels. Find out how to destroy all the remaining evil forces and expand your territory by assigning great ladies to lead your army.

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