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Erotic card game about the criminal world - Neostesia 2200

Neostesia 2200 is an erotic card game with an exciting plot, fascinating tasks and the hottest adult scenes. Life with a drug-addicted mother has filled your heart with hatred, and when drugs take her life, your anger becomes even stronger. When she dies, you must make a choice: change yourself or change the city by conquering it. It will be a tough adventure, full of adrenaline and hot beds.

Neostesia 2200 is an erotic card game that will conquer your mind. Not only will you enjoy the mentally stimulating challenges, but you will also immerse yourself in an intriguing storyline with captivatingly tasty and horny women. Are you curious?

Then let's go ahead...

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Game review Neostesia 2200


Neostesia is a city made of sin and corruption, where dirty drugs rule. Even his mother willingly gave herself to someone who could give her even the smallest dose, which then ruined her life. Seeing what his mother went through every day, he became filled with anger and hatred. So, as you grow up, you make the decision to either change the city or change yourself until the city is yours.

However, getting revenge won't be easy, considering you don't know anything about the gang except the Black Rose. Luckily, you'll meet Elisabeth, the owner of Seagull Tavern, who will educate you and tell you about the activities you can choose from, as well as tell you about Slob. However, that's not all. If you want a big army, sometimes you have to let yourself and your soldiers have some fun. Along the way you will meet many lustful women.

Elisabeth owns a tavern and has extensive connections. She can set you up with your father - Noah, the Black Mamba. Then you find out that your mother died of an overdose and your father is allegedly a gang leader and is now in critical condition. Can you avenge your mother's death?

Game and challenges:

"Neostesia 2200 combines elements of a card game and a visual novel. The card game Neostesia 2200 consists of three parts: Adventure, Battle and Pandora. To succeed in the Adventure game, you need to progress through the story, fight the city's toughest bosses, or improve your skills in the training area. In Battle, you can train against an artificial intelligence in training mode, play against other players in casual mode and prove your worth in ranking mode. "On Pandora, you can train and unlock real coins. The adventure consists of quests (missions or tutorials), Neosthesia bosses (where you can meet some impressive enemies) and Elizabeth training (level 7). To win battles, you need to expand your territory, deploy your units and take lives from your enemies. The further you progress in the game, the more you will learn about the story of each character in the graphic novel.


This game will surely satisfy your sexual desires. The scenes are shown in 2D, so you can imagine real people or even yourself participating in the racy scenes. The sex scenes and foreplay are very accurate and detailed. The plump and seductive women will capture your attention. The intimate body parts are also visible, which adds to the excitement. This video will help you relax after a long day of research and learning. You will see women touching each other and doing many other things beyond the mind's eye.

There is also a "Gallery H" section with more than 20 scenes that you can unlock and watch at any time.

Difficulty and Duration:

Duration depends on the time it takes to complete the mission. Note that battles can sometimes be very difficult, so it's useful to know the cost, attack rate, life and ability of each card before putting together your deck. Cards are available in five colors, three types and four rarity levels. As part of the tutorial, you can also learn how to use certain cards. To level up and earn more cards, neo-coins, gold and other rewards, you need to complete missions, achieve goals, complete daily challenges and log in every day. The game also has a shop where you can buy chests (combat or mythical), avatars, orbs, card shirts, banks, card sets, and unlock stages H.

Graphics and animation:

It is a combination of 2D and 3D animation. The visual and animation quality is stunning. The combat effects are amazing. It's a completely new card game. The illustrations of the sex scenes are very good. The attractiveness of the girls and the realistic scenes will capture your interest and make you want to play again and again. Your attention will be captivated by the precise contours and curves of the body. The animated scenes are also amazing.

Music and sounds:

Players are offered a great selection of background music and sound effects. The voices are true to the characters. The conversations and moans of the girls will excite you. Not to mention the sound effects that add to the sexiness of the game.


Neostesia 2200 will test your intelligence, strategic skills and imagination while satisfying you sexually. With an interesting storyline and sexy scenes, this game will captivate you without a doubt.

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