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Epic Anime RPG Strategy for Adults - Monster Cunt

Draw your sword and fight for your destiny! Everything that was previously touched by sunlight is now pitch black. A girl descended from the sky when people had given up hope. How can the fate of the maiden, Anis and Luke be connected? Write your own poem about it. Build a "healthy" relationship with the girls to restore memories of Doki Doki. Banish the darkness with the girl you like and complete time-limited events - maybe someone wants to piggyback you? Earn candy by completing daily missions to spoil your girlfriend. Strip and hold her. Meet new hentai scenes and orgasm with in-game characters.

Figures and facts

  • The game offers downloadable APK files for your convenience.
  • More than 20 characters
  • Currently, the story mode consists of normal mode and elite mode with 14 chapters and 9 walkthrough stages. Elite mode for each chapter will only be available after completing the normal mode.
  • The game also has an arena mode, in which your team can fight against other teams. The beauty of this section is that you can watch the battle stage without controlling your character.
  • Raid Battle is a part of the game where you can join forces with other players to fight enemies together. You can also create your own raids so that others can help you.

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Game review Monster Cunt


Monster Cunt is a hentai role-playing game built around various stories while being full of combat. The storyline of the main part of the game, story mode, tells us about three people who face darkness and know each other's true faces. The event mode shows the story of a particular hero. The game also has the arena section, where you can play online with other players.


In the first battle, you play as Madame Reynas. She will be fighting the Black Dragon. But just as she is about to deliver the final blow, the Black Dragon will launch a powerful attack with her breath that she cannot dodge. The powerful black energy will seriously injure her and she will lose her memory. Lady Reynas falls from the sky and lands at the edge of the forest, where she meets Anis and Luke. Lady Reynas is now called Haley, because the name Haley Gestie is on her spear.

As the three characters progress in their battle against the darkness, they will meet new characters, fight enemies, and discover new secrets. The more stories you go through, the more revealing the game becomes.


The game is divided into several sections. One is the adventure, which is then divided into several sub-categories: story mode, daily quest mode, and event mode.

As you progress through the story mode, you will unlock new chapters. You will play as Madame Reynas as Haley and meet various characters who will help her recover her memories. To complete each chapter, you will need to defeat enemies by combining different characters into teams of 6. The key to your progress is to upgrade your characters and weapons. In addition, the elements of each of your characters will help you dominate your enemies. Water is stronger than fire. Fire is stronger than wind. Wind is stronger than water. Light and Dark are effective against each other. In each stage you will see your opponent's elements, so you can prepare your team with stronger elements to perform more powerful attacks.

Daily Quests mode allows you to earn items to help your characters level up, upgrade weapons, earn in-game coins, and receive rewards for unlocking each character's memory.

Event Mode shows the story of a particular character. Completing its stages will give you a chance to earn exclusive items and even heroes.

You can play this game on your Android phone or tablet. During battle, you will use it as a joystick. This game is similar to some other mobile games, where the left side of the screen is for arrows and the right side is for attacks and skills. The game also has an auto attack mode, which allows your character to attack enemies automatically.


In the story mode you will see hentai scenes, and you can also unlock various skins and memories there. For a visual novel, the hentai scenes in story mode look very impressive. The descriptions of the scenes are very detailed, and it's as if you can see for yourself what's going on in them. The illustrations of the scenery are excellent, and combined with the descriptions, make the whole scene seem almost real.

Game difficulty and duration

After passing a certain level, enemies become stronger. As you gain levels, the power of your weapons and characters increases. Increase your power by upgrading your weapons and training your characters. The higher your level, the more chances you have to pass each stage. Story mode is always available, while event mode changes from time to time and shows the stories of different characters.

Graphics and animation

The game is a mix of 2D, 3D and visual novel. The graphics are excellent. The concept and design of the game is very cool and modern. For a visual novel, the hentai scenes are incredibly detailed.

Music and sound

The music, background sounds and sound effects in the game, including the hentai scenes, are very attractive. The choice of music really fits every part of the game.


Monster Cunt is a game with great potential, full of combat, amazing effects, and a great story with unexpected twists and surprises. After completing each chapter of the story mode, you will look forward to the next one to find out what will happen in the next chapter. While waiting for the next chapter, you can check out other parts of the game to improve your character.

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