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A one-of-a-kind strategy and adult game for Android - Creampire


Get ready to destroy the forces of oblivion, gather your army, fight for glory, and rebuild the capital of your empire. The game has everything from collecting items and resources to managing infantry troops and increasing their numbers, capturing buildings and rescuing heroes, building facilities and improving your castle. The kingdom is full of surprises and sex-hungry women. With detailed and stimulating characters and mesmerizing sex scenes, you won't want to miss this game.

The plot

In Crampire, you play as a warlord who, along with his loyal subordinates, accidentally escapes an enemy attack. The attack then strikes the entire planet like lightning. A demonic army destroys the garrison of the imperial capital and the emperor himself disappears. After witnessing the fall of the imperial capital, you realize that a new era is about to begin, so you decide to immediately defeat the Oblivion soldiers besieging your territory with the enthusiastic support of the angel Kyle.

To revive your empire and drive out all the Soldiers of Oblivion, you must first organize your army and begin gathering resources and building structures to help your empire and army. You may also have to rescue heroes, soldiers and angels who become part of your army.

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Scenes for adults

All the women in the Creampire world have goddess-like bodies. You can definitely enjoy the forbidden scenes in the memories of each character. Memories can be obtained by perfecting the characters and increasing their level of intimacy. To increase the level of intimacy, you can give gifts or play erotic games with the ladies. Memories are divided into two categories: flashbacks and foreplay. Memories lets you watch various hot adult scenes. You can play the scenes manually or automatically. You can participate in sadomasochism during foreplay. You can see if you can react. No detail is overlooked in erotic scenes. You can also see how the girls get wet and even when they are drooling with pleasure.

Difficulty level and game duration

The controls of this game are pretty straightforward. During the tutorial, you will learn what you need to do to run your kingdom. There are extra acceleration options that can help you complete tasks faster.

Gameplay and challenges

In this game, you must rebuild the empire, defeat Oblivion's army and save the heroes. You must build and upgrade buildings, collect raw materials and lay the groundwork to rebuild the empire. You can also destroy Oblivion's army and collect resources from around the world to equip your own empire. Strengthen your army by training and upgrading your heroes.

Natalie's region development projects and daily and worldwide missions will guide you. Projects and missions will give you unique rewards and help you level up. You'll also earn rewards for balloon flights, Glory War Makes and various events.

Music and sound

The music and sound effects fit perfectly into the Creampire universe. The original voice acting, especially during sex scenes, adds to the excitement and eroticism of this game. And during sexual intercourse, you have the option of turning the sound on or off.

Graphics and animation

The character movement and graphics are perfect. The characters are perfectly suited for their roles. The sex scenes are very realistic and detailed. The effects, such as burning buildings and building processes, as well as the battle scenes, are awesome. Every aspect of the game's design is a joy to behold.


Creampire is a unique combination of strategy game and adult game. It will be able to confuse you and satisfy your sexual desires. You will have a lot of fun building and managing your kingdom, especially when you are rewarded with the most beautiful women in your kingdom. Apart from changing the character names, you can also change the name of each team and character to make the adventure unique to you.

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