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The most burning vampire

Cosplay photo for the most searing vampire in comic history - Vampirella

Vampires are not necessarily the dark types in long cloaks like in "Blade" or the tortured teenagers from "Twilight". And not even necessarily that it will be silly dudes from the movie "Real Ghouls". After all, Vampirella from the comic book of the same name is the hottest vampire in pop culture. Add to that the fact that she is also an alien from deep space, and the recipe for the perfect vampire story is ready.
Vampirella has multiple origin stories as her comic has been relaunched multiple times by different publishers. But initially she flew to Earth from the planet Drakulon. There blood flowed like water, and the locals were typical vampires. But they had a problem in the form of constantly occurring drought, which threatened them with extinction.
One day, an American spaceship crashes onto Draculon. Upon learning of the existence of Earth, Vampirella goes there to save his people. There she meets with earthly vampires who descended from the same Dracula. He left Earth, after which he fell under the influence of the demonic essence of Chaos. He and his henchmen will be confronted by Vampirella.
Vampirella has many different abilities: she has super stamina, super strength, as well as a healing factor and a hypnotic voice. At some point, she could even grow a pair of wings to fly. But despite the fact that she is kind of a vampire, it is not entirely clear whether she can convert people. Although this is generally not important.
This summer, Vampirella's character will turn 52, the first comic strip about her was released in 1969. Since then, her image has never ceased to please the eye. Just like the Vampirella cosplay from Sandro Vale.

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