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Frank Kratos cosplay from Octokuro

Women's Version of Kratos From God Of War.

Cosplay on the main character of the God of War series of games - the unbeatable Kratos in the female performance from charming cosplay models octokuro.model.
Kratos - the protagonist of the God of War series of games. Kratos first appeared in the God of War video game released in 2005. In this game, Kratos begins his journey to revenge, which he will continue in subsequent games in the series. God of War has become one of the most important games for PlayStation gaming systems.
The character went through many stages of development, but in the end, the decisive characteristics in the design were "Greek" and "Brutal". In all games of the Kratos series, the same type of weapon is used - two short wide swords with serrated blades attached to their forearms. The "Blades of Chaos" (so called his swords in God of War, God of War: Betrayal, God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War: Ascension) were chosen for a smoother battle. In the last series, along with the blades of chaos, Kratos uses a magic ax. At the end of God of War, God of War II and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, they change to "Blades of Athena", and in God of War III - to "Blades of the Exile." The character received a lot of positive feedback, being described only as a “cute anti-hero”, and the gameplay was described as “a nightmare for enemies, a dream to control.” His role in the first game received similar reviews, especially his “tragic fall and brutal ascent of Gore Olympus". And in 2011, he fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the 9th greatest video game character. The National Entertainment Collectibles Association has released a series of Kratos figures in his image in the game God of War II.




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